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plurkiverse_postAs many of you probably know, I own the domain name Plurkiverse and have published a Web site by that name. I bought the name and put the site up during a very short hiatus between blogging-for-dollars gigs (the tech blog site went broke!), when I was at loose ends. I loved Plurk immediately, the first time I laid eyes on it, and knew that I had to get involved in some way that was more than just being another subscriber. So I started the Plurkiverse site and did some posts.

Then, for better or worse, it dawned upon me that Plurk was the perfect place for online conversations and I was writing an online monologue, instead! That philosophical conundrum made little sense to me, and my posts at Plurkiverse became less frequent, then finally just petered out altogether. I have never gotten back to writing posts for Plurkiverse, and there is the tiniest uncomfortable tingling of guilt in the back of my mind because of it.

Still, I would much rather have a conversation than perform a monologue, especially where Plurk is concerned, since the conversation can take place on what would be the object of the monologue! If you happen by to look at my numbers, you will note that I spend a bit of time on Plurk (how else could you amass almost 140,000 responses?) and any time that I write about writing about Plurk would take away from the time that I am able to spend there.

Still, there is that guilty itch. I think of things every time I am on Plurk that would make a good Plurkiverse column. Some of those things are funny or silly, some of them would wind up being very controversial, and others would be deadly serious, indeed. Some part of me wants to write those posts, and another part of me wants to leave the site to grow and evolve on its own, without even the tiny influence that I could have on that organic process. The result is that I honestly don’t know whether I should continue to write about Plurk or not.

What do you think?

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Plurkiverse, the Web site — 9 Comments

  1. Welll…you could write about some of the recurring topics… like how we reveal our eating and exercise habits via Plurk; how people open up about feeling sad or lovelorn or not being able to find the right fella. There was an interesting item on our local morning TV chat show about the influence of Romantic Comedies on people’s expectations of finding “the one”.. how we usually deny believing it, but secretly wish and long for it to come true! I’m quite amazed by the number of clinically depressed people on Plurk- not that it’s really a NICE thing to write about- just that most depressed people are thought to be introverted and not inclined to reach out, yet we certainly DO reach out online. And we get a lot of insight into our realtionships with pets and animals- look at @Rantz and his cats, Larry and his alligators and panthers! Hmm…perhaps I should write this stuff myself!

  2. Hmmm…I understand what you mean. It seems a bit too meta to talk about something that’s really a big conversation to begin with. But it sounds like you’ve had some great writing ideas that haven’t been realized. Perhaps an experiment is in order?

  3. if there are conversations that don’t fit into 140 characters that you would like to have with Plurk friends, then Plurkiverse could be the perfect site for expanding ideas. And, further, if there are theoretical, metaphysical, or technical aspects of Plurk and it’s cousins that deserve attention, Plurkiverse could be the answer.

    Plurk for short and sweet. Plurkiverse for longer, more detailed offerings.

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. Maybe an experiemnt is in order, and it may be one of the ones mimi suggested…

    Great thoughts! 🙂

  5. This makes me think of Heisenberg . . . But perhaps I’ve been watching and reading too much hard science again. 😛

  6. It sort of is, and now you have me wondering about the relative health of the cat…

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