Musings, in General


In speaking with a friend last night, I wondered what sort of name I should give to posts that have little to do with business, or with ?talents?, or even with sites or services. More like the post titled 101 things about me, but generally more contemplative. I, the writer, was searching for a word, but the visual artist was the person who supplied it. The word was “Musings.” This then, is a meta-muse, or a muse about musing. A … Continue reading

First Post


Now that I finally have my namesake site, I hardly know what to do with it. I like the look, anyway, and I suppose I have a few ideas. I think I’ll describe all of my other sites, and all of the things that I do. Goodness know they are spread from hell to breakfast now! I could do with some centralization. Odds are, I’ll write a page describing each of the Web sites that I have, and each of … Continue reading