The Plight of Plurkfood

plurkfoodPlurkfood began life quite a while ago, went like gangbusters for a while, and then just lost it’s heartbeat. It has been a long time since a recipe came in (Wow! One came in today!) It has also been a long time since we have pushed the site. I think there is a limit to how much personal aggrandizement one can do without becoming a spammer of sorts.

Above all else in life, I despise the huge pointless egos and the terminally self-involved persons and personalities that surround us everywhere: in politics, in entertainment, in sports, in our personal lives, and yes, on Plurk. I feel like I am wearing out my welcome for the site on which I am writing this post. I have plurked about it every day for a week or so and am sure people are getting tired of hearing about it.

When Laura and I started Plurkfood, it was supposed to be a collaborative effort of sorts. I have thousands of recipes, almost all of which I have tried, and revised and tried again. Certainly, no one is interested in those.  The idea was to rely upon our fellow plurkers to tell us what they liked to eat, and that other plurkers would be interested in that.

As long as we promoted the site, the recipes kept rolling in. When we stopped, the recipes stopped. When they stopped, the site went into a deep coma, from which it has not yet awoken, unless you count that one recipe today. We hate to bomb the timeline with plurks asking for your recipes. I also hate to let it die, if only because I still think that we had a good idea.

So, what do you think we should do?

There aren’t a lot of people reading this post, maybe 30-35 a day on average. So your feedback will stand out from the silence. 🙂 Should we start it back up again? Should we beg for recipes? Should we recruit co-editors and let them have access to the site to add recipes? Should we post our own recipes and food experiences? Or should we do something completely different?

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The Plight of Plurkfood — 13 Comments

  1. I love the PlurkFood Site and think you guys should pimp it twice a week or so on your timelines. Collect the recipes and then post a few per week on various days. 🙂 I’d be happy to help once life slows down a bit. 🙂 (Gimme till October heh)

  2. Everything in that last paragraph sounded like a good idea. If I can help, let me know.

  3. Tessa – You know I love your recipes! It will be worth the wait!

    ogman – Thanks a billion for the recipe and the advice.

    Eagle Hawk – I hear ya! I absolutely agree.

  4. I never felt spammed by PlurkFood plurks! Is it possible to set up an auto set of plurks as friendly reminders? Or to create a PlurkFood profile and ask those who want to to friend it? (maybe you have already and I am behind the times) I have tried a recipe from here, and as long as you guys are willing to administer it, I am sure you will have traffic.

  5. I need reminding! I love Plurkfood and I am sorry if I let it down. I like when my Plurk pals pimp their blog posts so that I am reminded to go check them out and I am always glad to get the PlurkFood post reminder! Please keep it alive!

  6. I think that any recipe that doesn’t include both STEAK and POTATOES would be wasted on me. But, I’m sure other Plurkers have a more varied interest. Keep up the good work, Frawggy.

  7. I’m thinking through ways to get the most exposure with the least Plurk disrupttions. We’ve already had some good ideas…

    You guys are GREAT!

  8. Your response to Keli’s idea of creating a Plurkfood Plurk profile has been great. 🙂 So that is already a start.

    Here is what I’m currently thinking:

    A. We’re back in business.
    B. We will announce all new recipe posts via the Plurkfood Plurk profile
    C. Laura and I will plug and the Plurkfood profile a couple of times a week, to keep the noise down to a minimum.

    That way most of the Plurks regarding Plurkfood will go to the people that want to see them.

    Oh. Send recipes!


  9. And we should try to appease bigdoc. That’s the kind of meal I like too! 🙂

  10. Sadly, this is the *first* time I’d heard of Plurkfood! Although on my own Plurkline I’ve only posted one smoothie recipe, I have tons more (and not just for smoothies, either). Recipe exchanges can be a sparking point for creativity. 🙂

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