SAD, am I SAD…

SADI don’t think I’m SAD, but I could be.

The season changed a while back. I carefully noted it, of course, since I am an avid follower of the weather. However, it seems that my ambition was snuffed out with the last days of summer. We have had little but cloudy days in the last few weeks, and I can’t quite seem to find my way towards making a real effort towards any sort of otherwise worthwhile goal.

I am doing the basic work-like things, and going through the obvious steps on a couple of projects, but I cannot recall a glimmer of inspiration in the past few weeks. All of this could be due to some lingering health problems, mainly hypertension, with which I cannot seem to interest any medical professionals, and maybe some lingering effects from kidney failure.

Clearly, I have some logical reasons for my low level of activity. But more and more, I’m thinking that it is a combination of things. That makes it much more difficult, since I now seem to be looking for a blood pressure medication that comes in a bottle which brightly emits full-spectrum light. 🙂

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