Once again- ADN and conversations


As noted last time, ADN is by far my favorite social network. The combination of good people, excellent (and varied) access apps, a paid-access model, and total privacy are irresistible. It is almost a dream come true. I am even getting used to having conversations there, although it is much more difficult in ADN than it is in Plurk, a forum, or even in ADN’s own Patter. That is simply because one’s stream is a very long list of individual, … Continue reading

The Plight of Plurkfood


Plurkfood began life quite a while ago, went like gangbusters for a while, and then just lost it’s heartbeat. It has been a long time since a recipe came in (Wow! One came in today!) It has also been a long time since we have pushed the site. I think there is a limit to how much personal aggrandizement one can do without becoming a spammer of sorts. Above all else in life, I despise the huge pointless egos and … Continue reading

Plurkiverse, the Web site


As many of you probably know, I own the domain name Plurkiverse and have published a Web site by that name. I bought the name and put the site up during a very short hiatus between blogging-for-dollars gigs (the tech blog site went broke!), when I was at loose ends. I loved Plurk immediately, the first time I laid eyes on it, and knew that I had to get involved in some way that was more than just being another … Continue reading