Winter Raises Her Head

LBRIIHark, mortals, Nature is once again effortlessly driving us in retreat before Her. We have a freeze warning here for tomorrow morning, Temperatures have been in the low fifties all day with winds of 20+ and gusts of 30+. The leave are at their most beautiful, but they are doing so mainly on the ground. I have given this full consideration and am convinced that it is not Summer any more, Toto, nor even Autumn. Instead, we are clearly into practice Winter. So, what does this mean? The grilling days, at least those not requiring outerwear, are down to a precious few. There will be a gradual change to Winter and Comfort food, hotter heavier meals that will add the customary five pounds to my bulk. It means having to get the generator into perfect working order to prepare for heavy snows that will bring down the fragile power wires of our house in the country. It means being trapped inside for a few months, instead of spending most of my non-computer time on the deck or screen porch. And, alas, it brings a beginning to the Garaging of Little Blue Roadster II. One does not drive a very low and powerful performance-tired rear-wheel drive car in the snow. Nor does one drive it in the salt and gravel infested muck that defines the periods between the snows. I am told that it is imperative to drive LBRII at least once a week in order to keep the turbos lubricated, and I will do my best to comply. But that is not the same as a fast drive in the sun over our twisting country lanes. I will miss that, and the rushing open air, until Spring.

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