The nature of random

Programmers know something about random number generators. For the edification of civilians, the simplest of those generators can be asked for a random number between 3 and 5, for example, and with a certain level of precision, say 5 digits, and will immediately respond with an answer like 4.28694, always randomly. The next time the number might be 3.74812. An almost unlimited number of possibilities exist. The random number generator is useful for programming most games of chance and for … Continue reading



Writing is what I do, so I guess a writer is what I am… For years and years I assembled words for people. Business words, advertising words, project words, all kinds of words. Also some poetry, some short fiction, but only listlessly. Deep down, I just wanted to write. Deeper down, I did not have the courage to abandon my day job and compromise my ability to take care of myself and the others that depended upon me. Then, just … Continue reading