Those damned shirts


I was just at my uploads page on Youtube, where these videos blogs actually live, and I noticed thereon what I had previously noticed in real life. Sometimes it appears as if I wear the same shirt several days in a row. Yeah, I’m a guy, but I’m not that much of a guy. I own more than seven shirts, and I wash at least every seventh day, so you need not think that I am just selecting my least … Continue reading

Vlogging help needed


As you have probably noticed, I started doing this video-blogging (vlogging) thing with every post. I really wanted to try it, and I really think that it can be an effective adjunctive tool to the written post. That is, if it’s well done, and I’m not sure at all that these are. They seem very rough to me. That may be be being self-critical, or they may simply suck. 🙂 So I’m looking for input. I’m trying to be very … Continue reading