Long time no see

Goodness, when you are writing books it’s very difficult to find a lot of time for writing blog posts. I just came through and updated a number of blog sites on our server, and thought I should at least stop long enough for an update to my own. Life is still good. I’m still living with MS, but at least I am still living. 🙂 We are still have fun times, as witness the accompanying photo of Laura and I with friends after a delightful brunch at the Black Bass Hotel. Laura (with the lovely red hair) has had her own health challenges this year, but we are working through them. Oh, and on the subject of books, I should release my first three over the next few weeks.

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... is a writer of books, blogs, bios, and software. Thirty years in the software business burned me out on programming languages so I'm working on proficiency in English. I term myself monolingually challenged. The good news is that novels don't have to compile. :)

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