A lament in the wilderness


When the race goes most often to the shallow and the loud, when integrity and ethics matter not, is it acceptable to resign the field and walk away? When all around is wilderness and Philistines, is there any point in staying the course? When the windmills are covered in advertising, should not one put away the rusty armor and lance, and walk alongside the horse in search of cool, still waters? What point is served when my ears are deafened … Continue reading

Net Time vs. Face Time

virtual people

If you are reading this, you are spending at least some time on the internet, living in the virtual world. Almost by definition, the virtual world is much broader than our physical world, or at least there is much more of it accessible at one time. That is one of the things that makes it so seductive. There are more available people, more available things, more available information, more available everything within easy reach on the Web than there is … Continue reading

Plurktalk Late Night – July 22


Plurktalk is a weekly live videocast that I do with several of my friends from Plurk. There’s more about it at this link. The first hour or two of the show is fun, joking around and personal stuff, mainly. Recently, we have been staying late into the night, often until one or two in the morning, talking about serious things, like what makes guys act like guys and gals act like gals? Are we what we are, in the main, … Continue reading