Our government is being dissed because it deserves to be

I have often wondered why aggressive, dangerous driving is becoming more prevalent than it once was. A case in point is the Philadelphia commute hour, where I would not be surprised to find machine guns being used to blast a way through traffic. As interesting as this is as a social observation, I find it even more interesting that law enforcement wants no part of even trying to make the commute safer. This latter observation may be part of the … Continue reading

101 things about me


There was a rage a while ago to reveal, 6, or 10, or 15 things about oneself. I am nothing if not an over-achiever, and nothing if not random. Therefore, what follows are 101 random things about moi, in no particular order, primarily without context, and in very little order of any kind.  There are updates, by the numbers, at the bottom. Thanks for asking, though. 🙂 . 1. I am the only member of the Frawgish race. 2. I … Continue reading