Those damned shirts


I was just at my uploads page on Youtube, where these videos blogs actually live, and I noticed thereon what I had previously noticed in real life. Sometimes it appears as if I wear the same shirt several days in a row. Yeah, I’m a guy, but I’m not that much of a guy. I own more than seven shirts, and I wash at least every seventh day, so you need not think that I am just selecting my least … Continue reading

101 things about me


There was a rage a while ago to reveal, 6, or 10, or 15 things about oneself. I am nothing if not an over-achiever, and nothing if not random. Therefore, what follows are 101 random things about moi, in no particular order, primarily without context, and in very little order of any kind.  There are updates, by the numbers, at the bottom. Thanks for asking, though. 🙂 . 1. I am the only member of the Frawgish race. 2. I … Continue reading

First Post


Now that I finally have my namesake site, I hardly know what to do with it. I like the look, anyway, and I suppose I have a few ideas. I think I’ll describe all of my other sites, and all of the things that I do. Goodness know they are spread from hell to breakfast now! I could do with some centralization. Odds are, I’ll write a page describing each of the Web sites that I have, and each of … Continue reading