Musings, in General

musingsIn speaking with a friend last night, I wondered what sort of name I should give to posts that have little to do with business, or with ?talents?, or even with sites or services. More like the post titled 101 things about me, but generally more contemplative. I, the writer, was searching for a word, but the visual artist was the person who supplied it. The word was “Musings.”

This then, is a meta-muse, or a muse about musing. A musing can be defined as a calm, lengthy, intent consideration done in a reflective manner. Musings are what allow us to model the world around us and to deal with that world according to our objectives, plans, ends, and desires. They are our thoughts about the universe, its inhabitants and processes, and our place in that mix. I plan to write any number of those. Our musings are us, are our essence, disembodied.

Why are morning and evening light the best lights for painting or taking photographs? Why are relationships so complicated? Why is mortality both certain and mystifying? How many Malaysian native warriors can dance on the head of a snare drum? Why is there really air? Why do our minds play the tricks they do in a misguided attempt to protect us, when in truth that effort usually does us ill? Why are we here at all, and and why should we not resign en masse?

You know, those sort of things.


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