Scribbling with purpose


I have alluded herein to being a writer. That has even brought comments, suggestions, and the idea (freely given by a wonderful person) that I use this blog as a vehicle to push my writing career along. So here is yet another post about writing, which may or may not be more interesting or better written than my previous post, that about having too many blue denim shirts. 🙂 Although I consider myself, now, to be a writer of fiction, … Continue reading

A True Techie No More


Just after university, I bought into a small construction company and helped to turn it into a larger one. As a part of that, I suggested that we start doing construction estimating for others as a way of maximizing winter revenue. We already had an IBM  mag-card typewriter in the office, and I had heard of computers, though I had never seen one. So I called IBM and leased a 360/20 mainframe, for which I had to build a special … Continue reading

Vlogging help needed


As you have probably noticed, I started doing this video-blogging (vlogging) thing with every post. I really wanted to try it, and I really think that it can be an effective adjunctive tool to the written post. That is, if it’s well done, and I’m not sure at all that these are. They seem very rough to me. That may be be being self-critical, or they may simply suck. 🙂 So I’m looking for input. I’m trying to be very … Continue reading



Plurktalk is a weekly live video Webcast, ostensibly hosted by me but in truth made possible by a faithful group of attendees and occasional visits from other Plurkers. Sometimes we even talk about Plurk on Plurktalk. More often, it is the lives of the people in attendance and the vital matters of the day, with a liberal dose of (sometimes) bawdy humor. Regulars, just now, include @pritcharddesign, @andex, @Lchamp, @HighDef, @planetKnit, @Willfall, and @nethead, who has been missing a lot … Continue reading



Writing is what I do, so I guess a writer is what I am… For years and years I assembled words for people. Business words, advertising words, project words, all kinds of words. Also some poetry, some short fiction, but only listlessly. Deep down, I just wanted to write. Deeper down, I did not have the courage to abandon my day job and compromise my ability to take care of myself and the others that depended upon me. Then, just … Continue reading