Reprehensibly low common denominators

Americans, and much of the rest of the world, seem to be functioning under a guiding principal which requires that the world operate at or below the lowest common denominator. Thus, in a major debate leading to what was once the most powerful job in the world, we find that the best that either candidate can serve up is a thin gruel of heavy spin, misdirection, and lies. Instead of inspiration and leadership, we get unreliable numbers and opinion, rarely … Continue reading

Big-Ass 2012

On the way home from breakfast this morning, we noticed a car, an otherwise easy-to-overlook object, just another poorly maintained American-built automobile. I did notice, however the poorly-executed, multicolor, hand-painted sign on the back window, which declared the status of the occupants as graduates of a local high school class of 2012, to wit: Big-Ass 2012. Clearly, these persons wasted the last several years of their lives, those years during which society was supposed to impart an ability to reason, … Continue reading

A word or two about non-virtual life

I suppose that I would be happier about the virtual life if I bothered to compare it more often to what we laughingly refer to as real life. Despite the problems that are caused by being one step removed from physical reality, there are even more problems in real life than on the Web, although those non-virtual problems are becoming more common online. Those of you that know me well are aware of my feeling towards business and the corporation. … Continue reading