A word or two about non-virtual life

I suppose that I would be happier about the virtual life if I bothered to compare it more often to what we laughingly refer to as real life. Despite the problems that are caused by being one step removed from physical reality, there are even more problems in real life than on the Web, although those non-virtual problems are becoming more common online.

Those of you that know me well are aware of my feeling towards business and the corporation. Calvin Coolidge once said that “The business of America is business.” The lack of social responsibility of corporations, who are easily able to hide behind so many legal dodges, most gained through liberally spreading money around Congressmen (a.k.a. lobbying), has changed this. Now, a more truthful statement would be, “The business of America is business, and business does not care if you live or die as long as we make money.”

This is nowhere more apparent than in healthcare. While countries like Canada have absolutely wonderful (and less expensive) medical care under socialized medicine, the United States continues to cater to all the people who make the big bucks off our more expensive and less effective private-based system. Insurance companies, doctors, drug companies and others all rake in money by the trainload while we all pay through the nose for care that is becoming worse and more expensive every day.

Our country suffers needlessly when corporations shift work to wherever they can get the cheapest labor, while American incomes continue to suffer. No one seems to notice that our trade balances continue to get worse. Those in charge to not care because they are all profiting by this sort of “globalization.” Thus do the richer continue to get richer, and the stock market continues to prosper, while most real-life Americans continue to suffer in the throes of recession.

Our schools continue to get worse, a lot of it due to lack of funding because all politicians care about is getting re-elected. They are deathly afraid that raising taxes to support schools would lose them votes. And that is true, because so many American are moronic enough to believe that education is not important enough to pay for, while America continues down the slide towards the third world while world leadership is taken over by the countries to whom we have shifted our manufacturing.

As you probably know, I could go on forever. ☺ But I won’t. Many of us know that we need change. We need a more intelligent and less greedy corporate infrastructure, a return to government support for medical care and education, and a culture in Congress that is run for something other than the personal profit of our representatives.


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