left_right_brainPlurktalk is a weekly live video Webcast, ostensibly hosted by me but in truth made possible by a faithful group of attendees and occasional visits from other Plurkers. Sometimes we even talk about Plurk on Plurktalk. More often, it is the lives of the people in attendance and the vital matters of the day, with a liberal dose of (sometimes) bawdy humor.

Regulars, just now, include @pritcharddesign, @andex, @Lchamp, @HighDef, @planetKnit, @Willfall, and @nethead, who has been missing a lot lately due to family health issues, plus @bigdoc, who has had a lot of over-the-road and drunken debauchery issues. Over the time that we have been doing the show, there have been a largish number of other plurkers that have been on the show, especially when you consider the family tree of shows which preceded Plurktalk and in which I was involved.

The show occurs on Stickam, which results in some challenges. Some people have a hard time getting in sometimes, others occasionally get flung out into cyberspace in the middle of a sentence. But it is the best group videoconferencing software that I have found for free. There are windows for six live video feeds from participants and a chat window for those that choose not to be on camera or mic. The interaction level is high. 🙂

When I first started, we tried to hold the show to an hour in length. As I relaxed the format, it grew to two hours or a little more. Lately it has been running later and later. The show last night went until 2:30 in the morning, my time, for a total length of 6.5 hours. We covered approximately 4,826,081 subjects during that time and people typed or spoke about that many funny lines. We also talked about some serious things, as we almost always do.

If you would like to watch a Plurktalk, feel free to come to at about 8:00 Central time any Wednesday. If you want to participate, and you are very welcome to do so, join stickam and send a friend request to user Plurktalk. Remember to let me know how I know you. This is all free, by the way. None of it costs anyone anything, and most would agree that it’s worth the money. 🙂

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Plurktalk — 3 Comments

  1. I wish I could participate more often!! But the few times I’ve joined it was always a blast!!
    And wow….6.5 hours is awesome!!
    Hope to join you next time!!

  2. Somehow, we do manage to have a good time week after week. It is always good to see you there, @MysticFirefly. 🙂

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