All’s Well That Ends Well


I got very busy moving our VPS server from Hostgator ( boo! ) to Liquid Web  ( yay! ) and did not get back to the social networking issue. The fellow in question ( @rabryst ) contacted me privately and we eventually decided to just let bygones be bygones.That was a great relief. I apparently got the wrong impression of him from some things that I had seen him say on As it transpires, he is a somewhat zany … Continue reading

Maybe the Frawg Should Just Suck It Up


He who shall not be named is unrepentant. As I have previously noted, that is his right. I have no desire to interfere with his rights, though he has seen fit to interfere with my right to control the quality of my experience online. All I have ever asked is that he allow me to ignore him, and he who shall not be named has now agreed to: Leave. Me. Alone. We’ll see how that works out. However, I have … Continue reading

The End of 33 Years of Social Computing


I feel as if I need to stop participating in social computing, right now, today. Excuse me when this gets lengthy. Thirty-three years is a long time; it is more than half my life. Don’t excuse me if part of it sounds maudlin; that is the last thing I ever wanted to be. In fact, don’t feel obligated to read it at all; in the long run, it is almost certainly only important to me. I have been doing this … Continue reading

Social 101- Section A: The USPS Files

Social networking is an odd sort of place. That is especially true in Twitter-style networks, where it can be very difficult to keep track of all parts of a thread, especially when you’re simultaneously keeping track of two Bulldog Drummond episodes from the thirties. It’s also the sort of place where people call each other friends, but are often happy to cut each other off at the knee in order to make themselves look good. Take last night, and the … Continue reading

Web Hosts Are No Fun

It is possible that our experience is an isolated one, but probably not. Recently the Web host Hostgator, after many years of excellent customer / technical service, stopped even responding to service tickets. As we have a VPS server there, and a number of customers for whom getting problems resolved is now impossible, I guess we’re in the market for a new Web host. Further research indicates that Hostgator was recently purchased by EIG, a company which apparently has a … Continue reading



All grandfathers, since the dawn of the human era, have looked upon their grandchildren and shaken their heads sadly. Each successive generation appeared, to its immediate ancestors, as if they were spiraling out of control and would come quickly to a dreadful end. Along the entirety of that historical tapestry, the grandfathers had been mostly wrong. However, as the twenty-first century finally got the wind into its sails and charted a course, it began to appear as if the most … Continue reading

Once again- ADN and conversations


As noted last time, ADN is by far my favorite social network. The combination of good people, excellent (and varied) access apps, a paid-access model, and total privacy are irresistible. It is almost a dream come true. I am even getting used to having conversations there, although it is much more difficult in ADN than it is in Plurk, a forum, or even in ADN’s own Patter. That is simply because one’s stream is a very long list of individual, … Continue reading

The Good, The Good and, well, the Good of


There is much good to be said about, and very little bad. It is, like many new and as yet comfortably small things, a pleasure from start to finish, with just a few raw spots. The biggest selling point is the people; has not as yet been overrun by marketers, spammers, celebrities, and similar “personalities.” The place is full of early adopters, very bright early adopters. At the beginning, as the name would indicate, the site-slash-service was developer-heavy, … Continue reading