Doctors seem to only communicate in one direction


Among a few other ailments, I have edema, a swelling of the lower legs. My general practitioner and I have been trying to treat this condition with diuretics. This has been complicated by my having bad reactions to some of the medications that have been prescribed to me. These complications included total kidney failure, something you may want to avoid. As we work our way through this issue, which she has decided to address before we try to bring my … Continue reading

Assholes, programmers, and the rest of us


<rant> Let me see. The Chinese are hacking every data source, in or our of the cloud, that exists in America and other Western countries. Hackers in China, Russia, America, and probably the Vatican City are also hacking those same data sources in all countries, though with a larger emphasis on stealing money and a slightly smaller emphasis on stealing secrets. Both types of hackers clearly fall into the “asshole” category, and into at least the “lazy,” “crooked,” and “thieving” … Continue reading

The Biggest Baddest Bad


Looking for the biggest baddest bad? For some reason, I spent some time doing this, again, as I have before. This time I concentrated on the biggest bad for the most people, i.e., the worst thing for the most people. That lets out some very bad things that effect only a small percentage of humans. Some very bad things like murder, rape, disease, natural disasters, and so on. Nope, this time I was looking the baddest thing with the greatest … Continue reading

The Best Way for Ello to Kill Ello


It is probably time for @Ello to put up or shut up. I was about to write a post yesterday noting the cold hard fact that my personal stream had been reduced to a shadow of its former self. Posts that once got 250 looks are now getting 50 or fewer. When I queried users that had not been turning up any more, and / or had been silent for quite some time, the answer was always the same: the … Continue reading

The Matter With Doctors


Doctors are more useful when you can communicate with them. That seems self-evident, but is not at all straightforward. Instead, I often become stuck in a loop. First, I go to the doctor. We determine a short-term strategy. I embark upon that course of action, keeping track of how my life is affected. Where appropriate, I perform tests at home, such as taking my blood pressure, etc. If something goes amiss, I bundle up the test results and my notes … Continue reading

Winter Raises Her Head


Hark, mortals, Nature is once again effortlessly driving us in retreat before Her. We have a freeze warning here for tomorrow morning, Temperatures have been in the low fifties all day with winds of 20+ and gusts of 30+. The leave are at their most beautiful, but they are doing so mainly on the ground. I have given this full consideration and am convinced that it is not Summer any more, Toto, nor even Autumn. Instead, we are clearly into … Continue reading

SAD, am I SAD…


I don’t think I’m SAD, but I could be. The season changed a while back. I carefully noted it, of course, since I am an avid follower of the weather. However, it seems that my ambition was snuffed out with the last days of summer. We have had little but cloudy days in the last few weeks, and I can’t quite seem to find my way towards making a real effort towards any sort of otherwise worthwhile goal. I am … Continue reading

More Tucker


My super whiz-bang electronic alarm has informed me that tomorrow is Tucker Adoption Day, which is a very important holiday for me. Tucker the Weird Dawg was with me for too few years. Most of his story is contained in two blog posts on a site I don’t update any more: If that’s too much for you to read, suffice it to say that Tucker had had a hard life before I adopted him, and I did all … Continue reading